Wednesday, December 8, 2010


I took a moment out of the busyness of the day to KOLOUR MY WORLD.  Imagining, I was in the middle of a meadow filled with an array of vibrant wild flowers, soul pleasing fragrance, and a basket of kolour. When I arrived in this moment breathing ever so gently so as not to rush anything; I decide to dive into the basket head first, splashing about in all the different hues.  The violet lilac transcended from the crown of my head opening up my vessel, ever so delicately.  I knew that we were now one; as the basket of kolour welcomed and invited me to explore further.  I nodded graciously; saw a tiny trickle of indigo on my pineal gland and everything became so clear.  It was in this moment, with the vibrant blue flowing down my throat, that I knew I had to share this basket of kolour with you.  Life is a basket of kolour, waiting for you to kolour your world. So dive in, splash around and don’t forget to MUAH blow it a kiss. MUAH XOXO Kiss of Life!

Embracing ~C~H~A~N~G~E~

I love and embrace all areas of change. What can I learn from this fork in the road? Where will this unexpected turn take me, and who will I encounter on my journey? C~H~A~N~G~E is but a natural part of our beings, and I honor it with everything I am. I am in awe of the oak tree shedding her bark from the season past, in preparation for the new to come. Gazing out my window, I see the leaves being gently carried by the wind to there new resting place. This happens with such grace and beauty.... I am that oak tree E~M~B~R~A~C~I~N~G my seasons change, I gracefully step into the golden embroidery of my leaves and float harmoniously on the wings of the wind..............

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Awakening your Effervescence!

I awoke one day and realized, that for quite some time, I never knew where the sun actually went when it vanished beneath the beautiful portrait in the sky. My spirit, quite different from my intellect, was hungry for answers. I decided to free my spirit, to reach out to the masterpiece, become one with it, and find the answers that my vessel so passionately longed for. I breathed in a some of the sweet misty air, deep flowing grace, filling my bosom.........and upon my exhale of Effervescence I had A*W*A*K*E*N*E*D in the beauty of the moment and MUAH XOXO, Blew it a kiss and then I knew........

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

True Love! MUAH XOXO

As for love-I spent most of yesterday thinking of you-TRUE LOVE!  
TRUE LOVE is all around us, its in everything we see and touch. As long as you are love, it will touch every ESSENCE of your day and that same vibration of love comes back to you. TRUE LOVE is the morning sun J~U~M~P~I~N~G through your blinds, waiting for you to say "HELLO DAY".  TRUE LOVE is the magical sunsets we are blessed with each and every day!  TRUE LOVE is that beautiful rose that embraces your glance; if only for a second!
You have known TRUE LOVE because YOU are TRUE LOVE!  For this I am certain!
Blessings to you! Give love where you wouldn't have today!